DAPP is The Value Investment Your Crypto Portfolio Needs

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Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.

If there is one sentence that encapsulates Warren Buffet’s market thinking, this is it. The Oracle of Omaha is famous for his contrarian investment thesis which has cemented his status as one of history’s greatest managers of money. His method is really simple — where other people see low prices, he sees value.

  1. Large Addressable Market
  2. Proven, Execution-Oriented Project and Team

Powered by a talented team with a demonstrable ability to ship products constantly, the DAPP token seeks to become the access token for a host of crucial services such as storage, compute and data feeds, each of which is a multi-billion dollar market on its own.

At today’s prices, DAPP is THE value play for crypto investors. The project, launched by LiquidApps early this year, is a blockchain-agnostic middleware for a wide range of scaling services already in use by enterprise and consumer applications, making the DAPP token crucial to decentralized applications evolving from an idea into tangible products with real end-user utility.

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Comparatively undervalued

Those of us who were around for the ICO mania remember exactly how we threw money at projects who gave us nothing but a whitepaper and a roadmap in return. There to capture this enthusiasm was Block.one, who conducted a year-long $4 billion sale for what was to become EOS by selling ERC-20 tokens which were eventually migrated to the EOS mainnet. While EOS has delivered provable value in terms of users and utility, one wonders whether Block.one would be as successful in today’s market climate given that they had no functional technology to present during the sale.

Large Addressable Market

Everyone thinks of Amazon as an e-commerce giant.

Proven, Execution-Oriented Project and Team

The crypto market is littered with highly-valued projects still in the ‘potential’ phase.

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